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 My songs are mostly jazzy love songs, but not exclusively.  

I write songs and sing them without the accompaniment of musical instruments.

Hear the words, listen to the stories, 'bop' to the beat in all your glory!

Instrumentation is vocally suggested - full orchestration? Imagine!

- Harry Brown 2010

Hear my songs on WDCB 90.9 FM, Saturday mornings 7:00 am - 10:00 am CST

"All Things Jazz", hosted by Jay Greene. Comment and song request line 630-942-4300 For those of you outside the Chicagoland area, hear the show live via streaming audio at

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What fans are saying:

Harry, you have me singing all the way to work! love the vocals, very smooth...

the songs are a lot of fun to listen to. Makes me happy!

Author: Carol from Wisconsin 

Like no musician I've ever seen before- a one man band with no instruments but his voice. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Harry Brown when he was the opening act for a musical I directed. Harry has great energy and worked the crowd like a master. The play was a big success and I have to give a good deal of the credit to Harry for really getting he crowd's attention. Get the CD and go out of your way to see him live.

Author: Huck Poe, Chicago

I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your work. And I am a fairly picky afficianodo of (some) jazz...

Author: Dan, St. Louis

I really enjoyed your CD! Wonderful, playful lyrics. It's a gem:)

Author: Jane, San Francisco 

Mellow tones. Catchy vibes. Love the grooves!!!!

Author: Charlotte, Gurnee, IL

 Nice vocals. Liked Poor Broke and Lonely

Author: Jimmy, TX